Quick heads up...

Hey again,

Just as a quick heads up that we’ll be randomly selecting the first winner this week.

Right now there is just shy of 2,500 people entered. That means your chances of having your debt paid, up to $60K, is actually pretty decent.

Click here to learn more and enter.

As a refresher: Every week in November, we’re paying off a new person's entire student loan debt (up to $60K/person).

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. And the best part is that it takes less than three minutes to submit an entry.

As a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to empowering people through Web 3 apps, we believe everyone should be free to own their digital data, and future.

The Delete Your Debt contest is an extension of our mission to free people from broken systems and to unlock their full potential. With this effort, we’re excited to free some of you from student loan debt while educating the world on what Web 3 is and what we’re building at Blockstack.

Learn more —> Click here to learn more and enter.

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